Flowery Language is a floral design company in Singapore for life's special occasions when words alone are not enough. Creating work that range from bouquets and boutonnieres, to vase and table arrangements for special occasions. Establishing a strong sense of artistry by combining thoughtful approaches to floral design personalisation, in a language loved by both sender and receiver.

Our Story

Flowery Language first started its humble operation in October 2015 by our resident floral designer, Ee-ling.

Under the tutelage of Judith Blacklock and other reputable florists at the Judith Blacklock Flower School in the UK, she brings to us a style of subtle elegance with a carefree spirit in her arrangements.

Our Process

Every order at Flower Language begins with us understanding your needs.

Favourite colours, preferred flowers, occasion and style are some of the parameters we gather from you when we first receive your enquiry.

From there, we introduce and propose looks to craft the perfect arrangement with careful consideration for the nuances of your order.

Appointments & Orders

Floral design services for bouquets, weddings, homes and special events.